Do you want to write your first simple game or make your robot dance? Do you want to explore the richness of Python on Java? We got you covered with our large collection of tutorials, all available for free. Start at the very beginning or jump right into the topic that attracts you most.

We also provide solutions to the many exercises, although for teachers only. If you are a teacher and interested in obtaining the solutions, please contact us by email.


Programming Concepts

Check it out 7. April 2021

Graphics, Robotics, and Game Programming

Check it out 3. April 2021

TigerJython4Kids: Turtle graphics, EV3, micro:bit, mbRobot, Callibot

Check it out 12. February 2021

Python-Online: Coding with WebTigerPython

Check it out 12. February 2021

Python exemplary

Check it out 31. December 2019