TigerJython runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), although we also offer the browser-based online solution WebTigerJython. The design and development of TigerJython follow the guidelines of simplicity, understandability, and—naturally—Python's battery included philosophy with an extensive set of libraries.

  • Simplicity: TigerJython features a simple, easy to use editor. You just run TigerJython, enter your Python-code and hit run. There is deliberately no support for projects or workspaces. TigerJython is primarily made for programming novices and not for professionals.

  • Understandability: Clear and helpful error messages let you fix problems quickly and easily. The enhanced and precise error messages are a major component of the TigerJython environment—and they are available in many different languages to really help you understand what the computer is telling you.

  • Extensive libraries: TigerJython comes with an extensive set of libraries, ranging from graphics (in particular enhanced Turtle graphics), to support for game design, databases, and robotics using the Lego EV3, Raspberry Pi, BBC micro:bit, mbRobot, Calliope Mini, Callibot, and the OxoCard.


TigerJython IDE

The TigerJython IDE is a simple development environment for programming in Python. It contains all the necessary components for programming, is free and works well under Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The distributions use a platform-specific embedded Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It is therefore not necessary to pre-install the JRE. No Java will be installed on the system and an existing Java installation will not be changed.

TigerJython online

WebTigerJython is a browser-based version of TigerJython, which does not need any kind of installation and allows you to start coding right away. It supports a large varity of features such as Turtle graphics and a simple-to-use debugger.

Make sure you use the correct version of Python in the menu on the right.