Thema tigerjython with jython 2.5 
Autor Otto 
Eingangsdatum 2014-07-12 23:57:20.0 
Mitteilung I am a python user, and since some months I am using jython extensibly, for scientific analysis. On python I use spyder, and I have been looking for a similar IDE for jython.
I have been testing tigerjython and I think it is increadibly good. There are not good IDEs for jython out there: eclipse with pydev is overkilling, the same about pycharm, and jEdit has not enough features. Besides being a great tool for education, I think that tigerjython is both simple and rich enough for serious scripting.
Just one thing I miss: the stable version of jython is 2.5.3. Would it be possible to get a tiger version with 2.5? or to be able to select which jython you want for the command line and running the scripts? that would be awesome! 
Thema TigerJython with Jython version 2.5 
Autor Aegidius Pluess 
Eingangsdatum 2014-07-13 09:31:42.0 
Mitteilung Thanks for your kind forum post. We try to do our best. I took contact with the main TJ developer and you will here of us within one or two days.

Until then, regards

Thema TigerJython with Jython V2.5 
Autor Aegidius Pluess 
Eingangsdatum 2014-07-14 09:02:44.0 
Mitteilung Here I am back again. After discussion about integration of Jython 2.5/2.5.3 into TigerJython with the main developer Tobias, we decided that there would be too many unforeseeable inconsistencies with our libraries included as part of the distribution. Moreover we cannot guarantee that all of our tutorials work with version 2.5.

But we are able to patch errors in version 2.7 used in the TigerJython distribution, as we already did it with some buggy calculations in the math library. So if you see something that goes wrong in 2.7, tell us and we include another patch in our distribution.

Anyway we hope to stay in contact with you for further improvements in TigerJython. Do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks again for your contribution.
Thema tigerjython with jython 2.5  
Autor Otto 
Eingangsdatum 2014-07-14 17:04:55.0 
Mitteilung Hello,

Thanks a lot for such a quick reaction. Yes I understand that it would cause an overhead for you.
I am a bit hesitant to start using TJ for production, as I mentioned before the version used in production is 2.5.3, which lacks many of the new features in 2.7: I would fear that if I write a script in TJ it could potentially not work exactly the same in 2.5.3 because the discrepancy of versions.
However, I'll keep playing with it. When the time comes when jython 2.7 is stable, I think It will be time for using TJ in production!.
And definitely I would like to keep in touch with you, I think your project is awesome.
My best wishes for TJ and its team!